Skate Hollows

Understanding skate blade hollows,


There are 3 main criteria in determining the hollow of a skater.

  1. What rink dose the player skate at the most because Ice temperature plays a big role in your decision
  2. How heavy of a player will be skating on these edges
  3. What type of player ( grinder , speedster ,stay at home defensemen that likes to push players around etc…)

Understanding a deeper hollow or more edge bite isn’t always the best way to go . A misconception in the hockey world is the deeper the hollow means less sharpening’s. That could be farther from the truth , no matter what edge you select it only has so much life or performance .   The deeper the hollow means more edge engagement into the ice which translates into slower speeds and more grip. Vice versa for a shallow hollow  less grip and faster speeds.

Finding the hollow that suits where you play the most , your weight and playing style will go way farther then just going with the deepest hollow.