Pro Stainless Steel Runners Made In Canada 

Skaters Edge is an Official Dealer of Step Steel and Byonic , The Best Stainless Steel runners on the market 

Fits and outperforms original steel, call for price info

The Preferred Steel Of the NHL, AHL, ECHL ,NCAA and KHL
We carry Regular, Velocity and Black Step Steel


Custom Jersey Sewing – call for price

Rivet Replacement–  Steel $3.00 , Copper $5.00 per rivet

Eyelet replacement– $3.00 per eyelet

Custom Heel Lifts  call for price info

N.H.L Approved Ultra Shot Blockers – $25 per side

Holder Replacement  $40 includes labor and rivets (holder extra) Comes with 6 Month Warranty

Performance Steel Runners  –  We carry all makes and models call for price info

Skate Bake – Bake and punch your skates for a custom fit  in our  Bauer skate oven.  Call to set up a appointment


Tape : $5.00

Laces: $6.00

Professional Skate Sharpening

Sharpening’s Below come with a 13 step quality process and 1st Ice time Guarantee to ensure results

$8.00 for Traditional Hollow  Skater

$10.00 for Flat Bottom V

Goalie $10.00

Figure skates $15.00   ( we use the incredible edger with 100 grit fine white stone)

New skates * figure or hockey*  never been sharpened require more labor to ensure proper edges $25

Custom Balance Contouring ” Performance Profiling”  $50 includes
Flat Bottom V or Traditional Sharpening  

Profile Re Fresh $30

Radius  for Player’s  9, 10, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14 and 15 foot

Radius for Goalie’s 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30 foot

*Hockey Player and goalie Only*

* Improved balance

* Sharper turns

* Quicker turns

* Explosive starts

* Reduced fatigue

* More powerful strides and better glide

* More skating “moves”

* Injury reduction

* Increased agility

* Increased lateral movement

* Increased speed

* Increased stability

* Controlled leg extensions

* Improved stick handling

Skate Fuel  $5 for pair of skates

–  Skate Fuel comes with a 4 step process for a minimum 5 times better glide than the competition

Minor Blade Straightening “free” with sharpening

Every skate sharpening comes with a 1st Ice Time Guarantee !

Which means for any reason in the next time you skate you feel that you need more bite or feel you have no edge just bring in your skates and I will touch them up for free.


*Please Call to book training *

*Group and individual training available*

* Coach Dave is Certified and Insured. All training is tailored to the players position and ability to insure they get results*

Off Ice Skill Development, Strength and Conditioning   $40 per hour

On  Ice Skill Development   $50 per  session

Technique Based Power Skating with the emphasis on Body Bio-mechanics and joint mobility

On ice Positional play

Video Analysis   “Included with any program”

Nutrition Education  “Included with any program ”

*Before starting any program contact your doctor to insure your ready to preform any exercise *