Happy Customers

I was tired of inconsistent sharpening. I talked with Dave and was amazed at his attention to detail. Best sharpening I’ve had in in a long time.

Jeremy P.Vancouver , Canada – Hockey Enthusiast

So Glad I Talked with Dave about Profiling my skates , what a huge difference it has made with my skating , I feel very balanced and skating has become easier.

Jennifer O. FT. Collins Colorado – Recreational Skater

“Dave has a holistic approach to hockey training. Dryland activities where tailor fit to my needs and elements of my game that needed improvement. Each drill/ exercise had, noticeably, been tested by Dave for proper results. On ice training build on many of the dryland components. Additionally, on ice work was very detailed. Every movement had a purpose and Dave was able to break down the significance, therefore, making me a more knowledgeable and self-managing goalie.

As a complete solution, we would spend our time cooling down or in the locker room talking about preparation (mental aspect, nutrition, goal setting, etc.). Items that did not resonate loudly with me prior to training with Dave.

Training with Dave has been my most productive time spent on hockey.”

Brendan D.FT. Collins Colorado – Competitive Goalie

I’ve been playing hockey most of my life beginning at age 6. Last week was the first time I’ve ever had my skates profiled. Dave strongly recommended it & after only being on them once, I’m glad I listened to him! After run of the mill sharpening, my first time out would always require a brief habituation phase to either realize they were too sharp or not sharp enough & never felt I could trust the entire length of the blade during tight turns or cuts. After profiling I feel 100% trustworthy of where my blade is on the ice & how it will perform with no learning curve or dulling out phase necessary. I noticed immediate improvement in acceleration, tight cuts, & overall control. Based off my first impression, I have zero hesitation in bringing my skates back to Skaters Edge USA for not only profiling 2-3x/yr but also just to touch up my edges with Dave’s knowledge & customer service.

Derek HFT. Collins Colorado – Avid Player

If you want your skates sharpened right, go to Skater’s Edge in Loveland. They also recently started profiling skates as well, and after mine were profiled I noticed an immediately an improvement in my balance while skating. I recommend profiling to hockey players of all abilities.

Andy CFT. Collins Colorado – Seasoned Vet

Skaters Edge is a great place to go for your skates. I highly recommend it. Dave’s knowledge of the skate blade is above all. His excellent customer and enthusiasm gets you the best blade set up for your skating style. He helped me immensely with my new skate set up. And that has increased my enjoyment for playing hockey. He says; “The skate blade is the most important part of your equipment, it connects you to the ice.” He is completely correct. Thank you Dave.

Sean M