Understanding Skate Blade Hollows

Lets face it , most people don’t understand the blade hollow interaction with the ice and what it means on performance. Once the blade hits the ice it creates friction and a thin layer of water is formed and that is what you glide on . So surface finish and blade depth play an important role in the game.  The deeper the edge (3/8″)  will translate into more grip and slower speed ,  shallow  edge (5/8″) will translate in to more speed and less grip

3 ways to determine the proper edge hollow for your skates

  • where you skate at the most , believe or not ice temperature plays a big role in your decision
  • How heavy of a player are you
  • What type of player are you

Edges only have performance for so long , when you get your skates sharpened you have a 100% performance in your edge , as soon as you step on that rubber floor in the dressing room you start decreasing that performance . The hardness of the water used by the rink can impact your edge life .  Depending on the steel runner your skates came with will also determine how long your edges will last . Often companies put on low quality steel to save money which equals to shorten blade edge life . Upgrading your steel runner will improve your edge life.

You pay good money for edge ensure you get the proper edge and you will play better



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