The belief of aerobic training and burning fat

I believe aerobic training does burn fat and it does not burn fat,  if the aerobic training is not intense enough it wont. Just plain old walking on a treadmill or out on a path would not be as effective at burning fat as other types of programs out there. I believe aerobic fat burning  can be achieved by heart rate. For example I can jump in the same spot for 15 minutes with high intensity and be drenched in sweat. You get what you put into any workout , Intensity is key.

That’s why programs like crossfit and high intensity interval training are becoming more popular. Aerobic training can and will burn fat if your client can perform the exercises with proper form and with in their limits and safe.

There are other ways to burn fat other than aerobic training. For example Intermittent Fasting  has proven very effective with a proper meal and exercise program.

Calorie restriction can also help with burning fat but make sure when you eat your having nutrient dense meals so you don’t go deficient and get sick or worse. KettleBell interval  training has shown to burn fat as the program elevates your heart rate and is intense and proven to burn fat.

As you can see a trend “ there are many ways to burn fat not just aerobic” I believe that one can burn fat in a combination of ways to speed up the process. One of my favorites is fasted cardio on the row machine , just make sure you eat after. I don’t know too many people that want to be a hamster on the big wheel of cardio in your local gym , do you? So understanding that there are many different ways to burn fat can only help one stay the course and achieve their goals.

What I have learned is there are options in the fitness industry, there is not just one cookie cutter program or there should not be anyways. Keep it fresh, intense and interesting and the results will follow.