Your edges should be your top priority!

Your edges should be your top priority, because they’re the only thing between you and the ice!

Never sacrifice quality for convenience

Try “not” to store you skates in your bag with your skate guards on they will rust and destroy your edges faster

Store them in open air with the foot beds out

Dry off your skates right after you get off the ice and then when you get home

Blades need to be sharpened routinely, use a reputable sharpener and you will be able to get a few good seasons out of your steel runners.

Get your skates Profiled at least once a year

Avoid getting skates sharpened in a panic immediately before your ice time. This is your most critical piece of game equipment, upon your decision to sharpen, bring them to a reputable sharpener right after your ice time.

A good rule thumb

Your edges performance lasts between 6 and 10 hours of ice time after that get a fresh edge.

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